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Russell Arches come Home

Russell’s arches span the length of Main St. (Photo: Roz Pulo)

Spanning the length of Main Street, Russell, a series of arches make for a street scape that is both unique and absolutely stunning to the eye.

The wooden arches were rescued from the town of Dauphin as they were tearing down their old arena. Remarkably, the arches were just seven days from being sent to a landfill site.

As crews worked to disassemble the structure, a senior Dauphin resident brought forward a photograph of the then-new wooden arches arriving by train. There in the picture was a clear stamp indicating the 32 ply nailed wooden laminate arches came from a former Russell business, the Glu-Rite Rafters Company, owned by Carl Mantie.

As such, it can be said that this is a homecoming of sorts for the massive structures, as well as evidence of their superior craftsmanship.

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